Student injured after falling from balcony

Student injured after falling from balcony

A student was injured after falling from a third-floor balcony at The Blake apartment complex around 9 p.m. on March 23.

According to witnesses, 24-year-old math major Kenneth Griner was attending a party when he realized he left something in the apartment next-door. He attempted to gain entry into the apartment by climbing from one balcony rail to the other, but he slipped mid-climb and fell, landing on the apartment building awning.

Griner then fell from the awning to the ground, according to a report from Cobb County police.

Cobb County Fire and Metro Paramedics transported Griner to Kennestone Hospital after determining that he had severely broken bones in his legs and arms.

When Cobb police asked Griner what happened, he responded that he had no recollection of the fall and only remembered being on the balcony, according to reports. Griner confirmed that he was not pushed off the balcony, that there was no fight or physical altercation before the fall, and that it was not an attempted suicide.

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