Spring into a new hobby

Spring into a new hobby

Spring break provides the perfect platform for exploration and discovery — a week of free time to fall into a new hobby or activity. Take this spring break to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

Indoor rock climbing

This activity is one of the better ways to strengthen your body, meet new people and have fun outside of your comfort zone. There are several options in and around Kennesaw. Both Stone Summit and Escalade Rock Climbing offer a wide range of climbing walls catered to beginners and experts alike.

Both gyms offer classes to certify students in proper belaying technique, allowing climbers access to the full gym. You can also purchase a day pass which allows free climbing without classes, though this limits how much of the gym you can access.

Find out more information and plan your trip by searching for either gym online.

Digging for music

For the most part, music has been dominated by streaming services and digital downloads, but there are many people who still find collecting music to be a fulfilling hobby.

Used CDs, vinyl records and music literature have become heavily devalued, and this is where used music dealers come into play. Sweet Melissa Records, 2nd & Charles and CD Warehouse are a few of the many stores offering large selections of pre-loved physical music and memorabilia for a reduced price.


Spring break will (hopefully) bring warm weather to the campus community. If you feel the urge to get outside, try hiking one of the many trails in town. Kennesaw Mountain offers trails from one to 11 miles and includes views of a Union Civil War encampment, the Atlanta skyline and wildlife like deer and rabbits.

A few miles outside of Marietta lies Sope Creek, another opportunity to trek through new sights. Sope Creek trails boast views of winding rivers and ruins of mills, with an excellent opportunity to see more wildlife.

Arts & crafts

Whether you are already creating art and want to take your skills to the next level or want to try your hand at something new, spring break is the time to sign up for a class or visit one of the many studios in Kennesaw and Marietta.

Jo-Ann Fabrics in Kennesaw offers classes on sewing, crocheting, quilting and paper crafts, among several other rotating categories.

Picasso’s Corner in Woodstock offers guided BYOB painting classes. All art supplies are included in the cost of the class, but you’ll have to bring in your own adult beverages, if you’re the proper age. Enjoy some alone time or go with a group and learn something new before bringing your artwork home with you.

Other options

Hobbies and interests are like fingerprints — no two people have the same set. If none of these ideas interested you, do some research. Kennesaw, Marietta and the surrounding areas offer a lot more activities than those that are apparent at first glance. Read flyers, pick up brochures, look through magazines and search the internet. Your next passion is out there.

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