Health fair offers free screenings, fitness tests

Health fair offers free screenings, fitness tests

To promote awareness of certain health issues that are prevalent among college students, the Center for Health Promotion and Wellness held a free health fair in the recreation center on the Kennesaw campus.

This annual health fair provided free screenings and information on both mental and physical health. The event was free to all students and featured 15 different booths, many of which were worked by exercise science and nursing students, as well as peer health educators.

Services offered included vision testing, HIV screenings, glucose and hemoglobin testing and a myriad of fitness tests. These were administered to give students a better idea of their overall health and learn about better ways to take care of themselves.

While all of the HIV screenings came back negative, volunteers checking glucose, hemoglobin levels and body mass index saw mixed results all across the board. The nursing students administering those tests then told students what follow-up tests or actions they should take to regulate their results.

Representatives from the Counseling and Psychological Services ensured that students also learned about how to take care of their mental health. Anxiety screenings were provided, and students discussed their results with on-site counselors.

“Anxiety is the No. 1 issue nationally, as well as on our campus, for students,” said Marcy Stidum, the associate director for Counseling and Psychological Services. “It’s very rare for [students] to be in the ‘normal’ range.”

Emma Domby, a case manager intern also working the booth, encouraged students to take advantage of services outside of the health fair as well. The counseling center takes walk-in appointments Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“I can’t stress enough the fact that it’s free,” Domby said. “It’s already included in tuition, so you might as well utilize it while you’re on campus because it’s so expensive when you get off campus. Having those tools in place when you graduate can really make a big difference.”

Not all of the booths involved tests. Many were informational, geared towards prevention and education of specific health issues. There were booths on alcohol safety, suicide prevention, nutrition counseling and CPR demonstrations.

The Center for Health Promotion and Wellness’ goal for the health fair was to teach students practical ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Arming students with that knowledge benefits not only the students who attended but the KSU community as a whole.

For more information about other events held by the center, check its website and follow the center on Facebook.

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