Chair bandit interprets ‘taking a seat’ too literally

Chair bandit interprets ‘taking a seat’ too literally

A mystery bandit appears to have made off with an unusual treasure taken from the Marietta campus architecture building: five expensive chairs worth a total of $1,000.

Upon arriving to work at the architecture building, a Kennesaw State University employee noticed an open a door that should have been locked. After inspecting inside, she quickly realized that a chair from that room, as well as four chairs from the nearby faculty lounge, were missing. The five chairs are each valued at $200.

The employee asked a student assistant to help search for the missing chairs, to no avail. They called campus police to report the theft, but police say they haven’t had any luck finding the stolen seats.

Officers are waiting for the results of a locksmith’s report, which would offer more information about the chair-nappers.

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