Students in Chick-fil-A drive-thru found with guns and drugs

Students in Chick-fil-A drive-thru found with guns and drugs

After a male student raised his middle finger in the air and attracted the attention of a nearby officer, he ended up in handcuffs for possession of amphetamines.

According to reports that the officer thought the man was directing the obscene gesture toward him, the officer followed the car to a Chick-fil-A drive-thru. He again watched the man throw up a single-digit gesture, and the officer was “afraid that maybe there was a domestic dispute” and stopped to speak with the man.

The man, a KSU residential student, explained that he was upset with the driver of a different vehicle and insisted that he was not giving the officer the bird.

The driver, a female student, pulled off into an empty parking space as the officer checked their names for any outstanding warrants. Once they were in the clear, the officer returned to explain to the man why road rage is dangerous.

Then the officer spotted a gun in the front seat.

He immediately told the two students to place their hands on the dashboard. Both were then taken out of the car, searched and told to sit on the curb. The female refused to give the officer permission to search the vehicle, but the man admitted that he had another gun in his backpack. He gave the officer permission to search the bag.

As soon as he opened the bag, the officer reportedly found a pill bottle full of amphetamines with no label or prescription, along with a grinder and what appeared to be marijuana residue.

“I asked both of them if they were trying to get killed,” the officer wrote in his report. “Making those gestures at unknown people could easily get them shot in today’s environment.”

The female was allowed to leave, but the man was arrested for possession of amphetamines.

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