Gospel choir gives memorable performance

Gospel choir gives memorable performance

The Kennesaw State University Gospel Choir held a performance on Nov. 19 directed by Dr. Oral Moses that left the audience in awe.

The night started out with a beautiful rendition of Lisa Ireland’s “Thou Oh Lord” and continued on with powerful songs including “My Life Is In Your Hands,” “There Is No One Like You” and “Total Praise.”

“I absolutely loved performing with the choir,” said Anthony Morris, a second-year music education major and active member of the gospel choir. “It is one of the things that makes Kennesaw feel like home for me.”

Moses did a great job of including the audience in the performance. On more than one occasion, Moses welcomed the crowd to sing along.


Photo credit: Abbie Bythewood

“It was really emotional,” said Zoe Martin, a third-year biology major. “Even if you don’t know the words, or if your relationship with religion isn’t as strong as it once was, it’s still a great way to feel as connected as you once were.”

The concert was heavily attended by enthusiastic patrons, supportive parents and a mixture of students receiving class credit and those who were there to enjoy good music.

“While I’m normally not a listener of gospel music, I really enjoyed it,” said Amanda Sandfelder, a third-year political science major. “It’s really interesting to see how many voices can become so powerful and sound as one.”

During “Total Praise,” Moses invited alumni of the gospel choir onto the stage to join the current choir members.

Even if you’re not a regular listener of gospel music, I would strongly encourage you to see KSU’s Gospel Choir at some point while you’re here. It’s amazing to see all these voices come together as one and create the unified sound that they do.

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