Alumni, faculty and staff display artwork side-by-side

Alumni, faculty and staff display artwork side-by-side

Alumni from Kennesaw State University’s School of Art and Design will have their artwork on display alongside faculty and staff at the new “Paying it Forward: KSU Artists and Their Protégés.”

The exhibit is the latest for the Zuckerman Museum of Arts’ Education + Outreach program. According to the museum’s educational mission statement, this program aims “to provide access to art and ideas that are unique and contemporary” as well as “present experiences that inspire participants through creativity and employ a variety of learning styles so participants are an active part of the educational exploration.”


Attendees observe the student art gallery setup in the Stwillwell art gallery. Photo credit: Erin Teixeira

Katy Malone, the Education + Outreach coordinator, talked with faculty and staff about what this year’s theme would be.

“This year we decided that we wanted to do a twist with the faculty/alumni relationship,” Malone said. “We brainstormed with the museum and thought that it would be really interesting that we had an exhibition that featured faculty and staff alongside alumni that they felt had really mentored and taken a special interest in and embodied their teaching.”

The artists have been working on their work for the show since spring 2015. Faculty and staff were invited to participate in the event by submitting their names along with the student they wished to work with.

“This exhibition doesn’t require as much space,” Malone said. “This allows us to be more nimble. The show will be up for three weeks before it changes for part two of “Paying it Forward” and will continue to change for various exhibits.”

“Paying it Forward: KSU Artists and Their Protégés” will be open to the public from Aug. 29 through Sept. 18.


"Paying it Forward: KSU Artists and Their Protégés" will be viewable to the public from Aug.29 to Sept. 18. Photo credit: Erin Teixeira

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