Catching up With the Guys of “Everybody Wants Some!!”

Catching up With the Guys of “Everybody Wants Some!!”

“Everybody Wants Some!!” is two hours of the quintessential college experience we always wanted and dreamed of.

Set in 1980s Texas, college freshman Jake, portrayed by Blake Jenner, gets his first taste of freedom when he moves into his university’s specially appointed baseball house the weekend before class begins.

“I never went to college, so everything that Jake was experiencing for the first time, I was too. We went through everything together,” said Jenner.

Upon his arrival, Jake is met with a bit of tough love from egotistical senior Glen McReynolds, played by Tyler Hoechlin, and Kenny Roeper, played by Ryan Guzman, for being a freshman pitcher.

“It’s hard not to relate to the character you play. Like McReynolds, I’m a little bit of a sore loser. What we did was take that 5 percent of us that was like them and played it to 100,” said Hoechlin,

Jake’s roommate, Billy Autrey, is just one of the many eclectic personalities that inhabit his new home. Billy’s innocent nature and deep southern roots is a far cry from the antics of his rowdy roommates. William Brittain, who portrays Billy, experienced something similar when going off to college.

“I connected with my character because I was this quiet, country boy, going to The University of Texas at Austin, which is this huge school,” said Brittain.

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In just three days, Jenner and his new teammates have a jam packed weekend, filled with late nights, clubbing, women, partying, concerts, bonding and of course, baseball.

By the end of the film with their differences aside, the audience is able to witness true brotherhood form. This friendship transferred from on the screen to off.

“I think the most important homework was getting to know each other, and just getting to that sweet spot of pulling pranks, making fun of each other, freestyle raping at the end of the day, and all that good stuff,” said Jenner.

Working in a cast of twelve guys didn’t lead to trouble or create any problems. “We became best friends. These are the guys I would have watch my dog, have at my wedding, or throw a bachelor party for,” said Brittain.

A standout element of the film is the how accurately the 80s era was captured. The clothing, interaction between characters, phrases used, and all the props were all reminiscent of the time period. Everything from a combination of cast research, workshops, and the wealth of knowledge from director Rick Linklater compounded together to either remind audience members of their youth or let them know all they missed in that decade.

“[The 80’s] became second nature to us. Even the music from that period was all we listened to for two months straight,” said Brittain.

This movie has all the elements of a happy-go-lucky college film, but calls into question some of the tricky parts of adulthood, like finding out one’s identity and who they really are.

“Frontier is where you find it. It’s unlimited. When you get out of high school and go onto college, you experience that I can go any direction- I can do anything – I have the freedom to choose where this goes – moment,” said Hoechlin.

The reflection of this real life sentiment onto the screen is nostalgic. While most of us are still experiencing that same freedom everyday, there is no comparison to that first taste of adulthood.

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