Haunted House Review – Containment

Haunted House Review – Containment

By Sierra Hubbard, News Editor

Line Length: About an hour on a Saturday night

Drive Time: 40 minutes from campus

Parking: You are free to park at any of the surrounding businesses, so there is plenty of space, but you might get caught by the train if you park on the wrong side of the tracks.

Haunted House Scares: This was hands-down the most terrifying haunted house I experienced this season.

Haunted House Length: It took about 20 minutes to go through, which felt appropriate

Ticket Price: Ticket price is $20 per person. but KSU students get $5 off with their student ID!

Days Open: Every night until Nov. 1, and Nov. 6 and 7

Approaching the large sign on the side of the ticket booth, Containment at first glance looks small and unimpressive. After you purchase your tickets, however, they point down the hill and tell you to go “into the hole” and wait in line. Then you see the mass of people waiting to enter the maze of metal containers that comprise this unique outdoor haunted house.

The background story is that they are filled with all sorts of creatures and secrets and are awaiting transport to a government facility. Each metal container has its own theme, décor, and actors, and you travel from one container to the path outside and then are led into the next container. This created a very creepy, disconnected atmosphere, because you were constantly switching between claustrophobic small spaces and large outdoor areas.

The actors were phenomenal, and the interaction between visitors and the creatures within was incredible. I was forced by two small girls in torn costumes to cover my eyes and count so they could play Hide and Seek. The chaos caused by the unpredictable stream of actors kept me on-edge throughout the haunt, and I realized I was screaming for the entirety of the tour.

Though this was Containment’s first year in Hiram and it is not close to campus, this was the haunted house that truly terrified me this year. I would recommend anyone to check this out for Halloween if you want to experience a chaotic night of terror.

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  1. Michael Martinez
    October 28, 2015 at 8:04 pm

    Great review. An address would have been helpful.