Club of the Week: Student Managed Investment Fund

Club of the Week: Student Managed Investment Fund

SMIF provides hands-on experience in marketing, investing and management.

SMIF provides hands-on experience in marketing, investing and management.

Roderic Graham, Staff Writer

The Coles College of Business has established a reputation for being one of the top ranked business schools in the country. Students who are accepted into the Coles College of Business can look forward to a rigorous curriculum that caters to the needs of all business majors and participating in one of the many student organizations that are created to provide an opportunity for students to receive hands-on experience in the business world.

The Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) is one of the many organizations that are sponsored through the Coles College of Business. Established in 2006, SMIF allows students to gain hands-on experience in marketing, investing and management.

“Our team consists of the dedicated, driven and intelligent business majors who are at the top of their class,” SMIF CEO Kyle Teasdale said.

SMIF is not your ordinary student organization. In 2008 SMIF was established as a limited liability company owned by Kennesaw State University. Members of this organization also manage $100,000 in investment funds donated by G.W. Henssler and Associates, Ltd. A student executive board crafts investment policies. Analytical research is also conducted by students.

Undergraduate and graduate members of SMIF collaborate to research longterm investment strategies and information on trades and then compile all that information into a strategic report. There are 17 members on the student executive board. The primary investment focus of SMIF is Strategic Asset Allocation, which is geared toward domestic equities. SMIF is divided into sectors that are in control of the economics, healthcare, finances and consumer staples portion of the company. Each sector meets at least once a week to discuss specific details involving the company.

SMIF has a selective application process and encourage top business students to apply. If selected to be an associate, students must spend a minimum of two semesters working with SMIF. After working for two semesters with SMIF, students can apply for academic credit. A board of directors, consisting of KSU professors and the student executive board determines if a student meets the requirements to join SMIF.

Once selected students become junior associates, they report directly to the student executive board.

“We encourage undergraduate and graduate students to apply,”Teasdale said. “Working with SMIF is a great investment for anyone who is interested in finance, business or accounting.”

Many alumni members thank SMIF for giving them the hands- on business experience and are currently working for various financial corporations.

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