sga beat

By Jackson Walsh, Staff Writer    

The Student Government’s general body meeting was held  Feb. 6 in the University Rooms, focusing on general questions and concerns from the student body and how the government can work better to achieve those goals.

“We’re currently in a planning stage” said Khy Chestnet, Vice President. “We’re just here to collect the data so we can work better for our constituents”.
A particular emphasis was put on the amount of school spirit for our athletic teams in the light of the 29 new football players signed. Also, Friday night’s rivalry basketball game against Mercer was advertised. Garnering more school spirit for the Owls teams was mentioned adamantly as a step forward for the success of the different programs.

Among the upcoming events is the student climate survey Diversity and Inclusion scheduled for Feb. 19 at Prillaman Hall. There is an online campus wide survey that is geared toward making a more inclusive and welcoming campus community. Students who enter early have a chance to win a $50 gift card. The survey can be found on the school website at http://www.

A Dollar Draw will take place on Feb. 20 in the University Rooms, first floor of the student center. The event is a fundraiser for the beautification for a grand entrance to the student section of the football stadium. Donations to the event have been made by former SGA senator Flora Lowe-Rockett, 2nd and Charles, Skyview, and Sony.

Future discussions with the Board of Regents will involve the issue of smoking on campus and the designated areas for which students can do so.

The Board recently voted on a proposal for a new Atlanta Transit system to provide more efficient transportation for students. Applications for SGA president can be found on the Student Life webpage. The deadline to turn in applications is March 3.

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