Michael Ealy and Regina Hall Talk “About Last Night”

Michael Ealy and Regina Hall Talk “About Last Night”
Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Bernie (Kevin Hart) and Joan (Reginal Hall) spark up a strong
relationship after what was meant to be a one night stand. | Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Do you not wish movies would show more relatable encounters of true love? A new romantic comedy, “About Last Night,” shows how true love blossoms from a one night stand.

“About Last Night” is a remake of the 1986 film, starring James Beluchi, Rob Lowe, Demi Moore and Elizabeth Perkins. Unlike the 1986 classic, this version of the story is set in Los Angeles and has an African-American main cast.

“This movie is more of an adaptation of the original play ‘Sexual Perversity in Chicago,’” lead actress Regina Hall said.

“L.A. is a much brighter city, which makes the tone of the move more fun and less melodramatic,” lead actor Michael Ealy said.

Danny, played by Ealy and Bernie, played by Kevin Hart are two bachelors living in Los Angeles. When Danny agrees to attend a night at the bar with Bernie, who is coming off of a recent sexual encounter with Joan Derrickson, played by Regina Hall, he meets Debbie Sullivan, played by Joy Bryant. The two have an undeniable physical chemistry, which evolves into a relationship. Each character has a healthy sexual appetite, which often leads them into unfortunate situations.

“In this particular film sex is part of telling the story,” Ealy said.

“Joan is smart and very comfortable with who she is,” Hall said. “Debbie is more in her head and Joan lives in the moment, which makes them different.”

Ealy, Hall, and Hart are not strangers when it comes to working with each other on the big screen. The trio previously starred in the popular romantic comedy “Think like a Man” and will reprise their roles in the sequel “Think like a Man Too.” “About Last Night” focuses on two relationships instead of multiple encounters like those in “Think like a Man.”

Although the movie has strong sexual content, it gives a realistic view of how two individuals fall in love. Using a scenario, such as a one night stand, to explain love makes this movie different from most romantic films. After all, what is more relatable than a one night stand?

Director Steve Pink did a great job of showing what happens in relationships after the initial moment of pleasure. Financial difficulties, trouble at work and fear of commitment are a few things that test the relationship between the couples. Friendships are tested as relationships develop.

“Both movies show characters that are relatable on the screen, except in this movie we get into the dysfunctional relationship more and we have the time to do it with just two couples,” Ealy said.

“[The film] is not just about the couple, it is about the relationship between friends and the things that come into relationships because of life,” said Hall.

If you’re looking for somewhere to take that special someone on Valentine’s Day, try the movies. “About Last Night” will hit theaters on Feb. 14, 2014. Do not miss out on what is likely to be the next box office smash!

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