Snowed Out: Cold Weather Prompts Warm Welcomes

Snowed Out: Cold Weather Prompts Warm Welcomes

Southern Hospitality at its Finest

By: Brittany Maher and Laura Zerlin
Photos courtesy: Heather Byrd, Emily Seed and Laura Zerlin

Community members are coming together to help those snowed out and stranded by Tuesday’s snow storm. The Facebook group “SnowedOutAtlanta” has attracted over 40,000 members within hours as people across the state offered to open up their homes to weary travelers, allowing them to post details of their whereabouts and information on where to find help.

When snowfall left Ga. highways gridlocked and drivers stranded without food, water or warmth, community residents took on a swift call to action in order to lend their helping hands to those in need prompting an overwhelming response offering food, shelter, and other assistance to those stranded and unable to make it home. Many people have found refuge from those who have reached out through the Facebook group, Twitter, Reddit and other social media sites proving that even when disaster strikes, southerners are quick to strike back with kindness and generosity.


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