Greek Life Sees Rise in Philanthropy Services

As incoming freshmen commence their life- changing journey of higher education at KSU, they are often overwhelmed with feelings of nervousness and uncertainty. Many incoming freshmen and current students elect to combat those negative feelings by embarking upon the associate member process that results in joining a fraternity.

The first week of the 2013 Fall semester at KSU marked the inception of the annual operation known as “Fall Recruitment.” Fall Recruitment is comprised of events that enable fraternity men to meet those interested in joining their brotherhood. A full week is dedicated to this structured process with plenty of time for socializing, interviewing and recruiting potential new members. The process is concluded at the end of the week (known as Bid Day) with the acceptance of bids given to the new recruits officially appointing them new associate members. At 8 p.m., Monday Aug. 19, the Student Center was filled to capacity at the IFC Semesterly Chapter Values Night, with recruits eagerly awaiting the opportunity to gain knowledge of the five outstanding fraternities at KSU. The recruitment process for the current fraternity members and staff has traditionally been hectic and stressful, while still resulting in subpar numbers of men going through the recruitment process. The other large colleges in Georgia that constantly receive massive numbers of potential new members have set the bar high on numerical standards. Sadly, KSU has consistently failed to reach these high numbers, but as of the Fall 2013 semester, failure to overcome this goal is officially a thing of the past.

Since the cultivation of Greek Life on KSU’s campus in the late ‘80s, there had never been more than 150 men signed up for recruitment. When the total number of men signed up for recruitment this year was calculated, the previous record was shattered by the seemingly impossible accomplishment; 234 Men signed up for recruitment.

Once the potential new members accepted their bids, they were hastily welcomed into their chapter’s eight-week associate member program. During the associate member program, new members are taught lifelong lessons on character, leadership, achievement and philanthropy. Starting week one, associate members have the opportunity to see the passion for service instilled into every brother in their selected chapter. Due to the strong emphasis on philanthropy service in the associate member programs, fraternity men on campus diligently apply themselves to serve the KSU campus and the community as a whole. With such a drastic increase in the number of men in each chapter, new doors are swinging open to advance the already established philanthropy and service programs of each fraternity.

The brothers of Delta Tau Delta fraternity supported one spotlight event with monumental involvement and support. On Oct. 5 at Town Center Mall, a creative and rewarding event was held. “Paint the Mall Pink’ was a landmark opportunity for Greeks to portray publically the true heart of their prestigious organizations. Paint the Mall Pink was held to spread awareness and raise money for cancer research. It is here that Delta Tau Delta hosted its annual event entitled “Greeks Go Bald.” Greek men from all chapters in KSU, along with Greek women, gathered together to support breast cancer awareness by either shaving their heads bald or helping donate money for the cause. Greeks Go Bald was a phenomenal chance for all the fraternities on campus to collaborate with the men of Delta Tau Delta and raise as much money as possible to support an amazing charity. Now that record-breaking numbers of fraternity men and associate members reside on campus, an undeniable atmosphere of optimism surrounded the event. For all the individuals who were unable to attend the event, there is still an opportunity to donate financial means to the fundraiser. To donate money, simply go to donate/participant/655881.

All donations are greatly appreciated as they support the families affected by a terrible disease. The event raised more than $22,000, and the amount is still growing. Even more enlightening is the reality that this is just one of many philanthropic, service events and programs that will be enacted in the current Fall semester. The vision of a strong and influential fraternity community on campus had been a mere fallacy in years past, but with an overflow of support from new associate members, and the entire Greek community, the vision has transformed from a fallacy to a simple matter of time.

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