Police Beat


An RA notified KSU police that there was an unknown male placing fliers on vehicles in the KSU Place parking area around 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 17. Officers Frieser and Byers responded and made contact with a Hispanic male carrying a large stack of fliers from the China House Restaurant. The officers notified the man that placing fliers on vehicles on KSU property was prohibited and the man said he was not aware of this. He spoke very little English and was issued a Criminal Trespass Warning by the officers, who told him that if he were caught on campus again he would be arrested. The man was instructed to leave and was given a ride by a third party without incident.



Officers Nelson and Dicks responded to two separate reports at University Place regarding two white males who were going door to door asking for money the evening of Oct. 17. The incident that Officer Nelson responded to was with a female resident who said two blond men wearing dark shirts knocked on her door and told her they were selling magazines to support the troops. When she told them that she didn’t have any money the men got angry and refused to leave. She gave them $5 so they would leave, which they did. The woman told the officer that she thought one of the men had a tattoo on one of his arms. Officer Dicks spoke with two RAs who were going to the room of another female resident who also gave the two men money. The resident told police the men said they were selling books and magazines in exchange for donations for poor children. She said the two males were insistent so she gave them $6 in cash and wrote a check for $58. She said she realized after the men left that she had been scammed, adding that she would like her money back. The resident was advised to place a hold or stop on the check through her bank.

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