Juicy J Takes Over Homecoming

In celebration of homecoming, KAB sponsored a fashion show and concert featuring hip hop artist Juicy J. Students lined up outside the convocation center anxious to see the live performances.

“I got here early because I knew the line was going to be long,” sophomore Rachel Fletcher said.

KSU students opened the show with original songs and dance routines. The audience rose to their feet to show support for their fellow students.

“I never knew so much talent was at KSU” said junior Jarod Dickerson.

Dillon Garcia hosted the event. He mocked some members of the audience and often times made fun of his weight. His lively personality kept the audience entertained.

Garcia and the DJ worked together to keep the audience hyped up. The crowd danced continuously as the DJ mixed hip-hop, pop and R&B.

The fashion show featured KSU students showing off the latest fashion trends. Each student had an individual style to set them apart from other participants in the show.

After the first half of the fashion show KAB announced the five lucky winners allowed to go back stage and meet Juicy J. Two members of the audience also received brand new Nokia phones.

The second half of the fashion show was astounding. Students really gave it their all as they gracefully walked down the runway. Occasionally, audience members would chant the names of a few familiar faces.

Finally, “Mr. Trippy” himself, walked on stage ready to keep the audience on their feet. The energy from the crowd was amazing. Juicy J started the night off with familiar songs, like “Zip and a Double Cup.”

Juicy J surprised the audience and brought out Mike Wills to help him rap his part of Wills hit single “23” featuring Miley Cyrus and Wiz Khalifa. Mike Wills

and his entourage passed out CDs and T-shirts while Juicy J continued to rap his verse of “23.” A pair of Jordan sneakers was also given to an audience member.

Juicy J also performed songs from his career with rap group 3:6 Mafia. Many people in the audience reminisced and rapped the lyrics with the famous rap artist. For about 45 minutes the convocation center was filled with numerous camera flashes, chants and dancing.

The crowd stood on their feet the entire time Juicy J performed. Many females in the audience were “twerking” to the lyrics, although KSU would not allow female students to twerk on stage with Juicy J.

KAB did an extraordinary job with the homecoming show. The events were packed, tickets were free, and most importantly students were satisfied.

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