Spilling the Beans on Campus Coffee

A campus café is a welcoming oasis in a chaotic academic desert. When classes end, students jostle down hallways and hurry down the stairs. Crawling over each other, they have only one thing on their minds. They need coffee. Thankfully, there is PJ’s, Jazzman’s and The Grind to quench their thirst.

PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans is located in the Student Center. Surrounded by streetlamps, wood floors and cozy chairs, PJ’s really stands out from the rest of the food court. PJ’s offers good ambiance, study space and, of course, caffeine. Patrons can enjoy something off the Today’s Specials board such as a chocolate truffle iced coffee or pick up a bag of freshly ground coffee to take home. Tea drinkers will find a variety of iced teas including ginger peach and island breeze. For those just looking to cool down, frozen lemonade is offered as well. Marathon studiers needing some fuel along with their caffeine can chow down on croissants, muffins and bagels – each less than $3.

Recent rainy afternoons have created crowds in need of a pick-me-up at Jazzman’s in the Social Science Building. On the hot summer days, students enjoy cooling down with an ice cold Jazzman’s Blast. The very popular Blasts come in mocha, caramel, white chocolate and even crème brulee. Political Science majors can enjoy The New York Times or The Washington Post while sipping coffee before class. Rain or shine, Jazzman’s employees say they treat their customers with love.

Even students with empty wallets can purchase coffee at PJ’s and Jazzman’s with Dining Dollars through their KSU ID cards.

Thrifty coffee lovers can grab a cup of Joe from The Grind with a swipe of their ID card. Located in The Commons, The Grind offers limitless coffee with the convenience of the dining hall. A good cup of coffee makes up for the noise and commotion of the lunchtime rush.  There is also the adjacent dessert counter that offers enticing additions to the brew.

Ardent Starbucks loyalists will soon find the king of coffee on campus. Business majors will be excited to discover that the coffee icon is setting up shop in the Burruss Building. Starbucks will be serving their abundant selection of cappuccinos, frappuccinos and lattes as early as the second week of September. It will no longer be necessary to leave campus for the green straw.

Four coffee spots on campus may seem like too much of a good thing, but coffee enthusiasts know that one can never have too much coffee or too many choices.

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  1. Hank
    September 4, 2013 at 11:59 am

    Did they change it from Freshen’s? That’s the sign that I saw hanging out there…