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KSU’s Student Government Association is taking steps to unite the student body, faculty and community through a number of events. Leading this goal of collaboration among student organizations is SGA President Katherine Street. Street is seizing opportunities such as KSU’s50th anniversary and the start of the school’s football program to provide a “sense of community.”

The organization held its first meeting of the semester last Thursday.

“Growing tradition, growing pride and passion at Kennesaw State University is something that we’ve needed for a while,” Street said. “This is the perfect year for it all to come together.”

To kick off the year, SGA organized the Welcome to the Block Party where “over 30 student organizations were out on the green, interacting with each other and raising awareness of each student organization,” said Street.

Upcoming SGA events include “Meet the Presidents,” which will provide students a chance to interact one-on-one with the administration and ask questions. An exact date has not been set.

SGA is also working with other organizations such as the International Student Association and Greek Life in an effort to increase student turnout at events and boost school pride.

“SGA would love to find out what events student groups are having and send volunteers or generally increase awareness about events on campus,” Street said.

She said SGA is not only focused on student involvement, but community involvement as well. The organization is trying to join with the city of Kennesaw in supporting the school’s new football program. Ideas include having local businesses come out to provide family-friendly entertainment at the games.

Street said SGA wants to provide students with an administration that is open- minded and encourages students to take their ideas to SGA. Last year, a student came to SGA with the idea of creating a motto for the university—something the Student Government Association is currently working on.

“I really want to create an atmosphere and an environment where they realize this group of officers is approachable,” Street said. “We want to help them make that difference.”

SGA hosts weekly meetings every Thursday at 3:30 p.m. in the Student Center University Rooms.

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  1. Steve Miller
    August 31, 2013 at 8:39 pm

    I agree that “This is the perfect year for it all to come together.” KSU is such a great school. Perfect time for students, faculty and staff to intentionally take school pride to a new level.