Police Beat

Busted for Seeds

On Aug. 13, Officer Fry observed an unbuckled passenger in a gold Saturn with tinted windows. Upon further observation, it was noted that the vehicle’s tires were slick with very little tread. The officer initiated a traffic stop and upon approaching the vehicle, noticed the strong odor of marijuana. The officer made contact with the driver and requested backup. According to the police report, the passenger was trying to hide something from the officer. Officer Jackson was requested to the scene with K-9 Jerry Lee, KSUPD’s trained narcotics dog. Officers Putnam and Shepard were also called to the scene. Putnam went to the passenger side of the vehicle and asked the man to step out, at which point the passenger became argumentative and refused the request. Putnam opened the passenger door and the passenger stepped out of the vehicle toward the officer in an aggressive manner with his fist balled. Putnam gained control of the passenger and placed him under arrest for obstruction. Jerry Lee walked around the vehicle and Officer Jackson noticed that Jerry Lee made a positive alert for illegal narcotics. Upon searching the car, the officers found a pair of khaki shorts containing suspected marijuana seeds. The driver and passenger were arrested.


Practice Field Drunks

Officer Altman was dispatched to the practice field behind the stadium on the afternoon of Aug. 10, regarding two males, one wearing blue shorts, the other wearing a bright pink and yellow skirt. The males reportedly climbed the fence and were doing cartwheels on the field. Upon arrival, Altman did not find anyone on the practice field behind the stadium, but did locate two white males, one wearing a multi-colored tutu and dark underwear and the other wearing blue shorts. Officer Massengill arrived as backup. Both males tested positive for alcohol using the Alco- sensor and were arrested for underage drinking. During transport, one of the individuals stated that he was going to kill himself when he got out. The men were taken to ADC.


Driving Under the Influence

Officer Mason observed a silver Chevrolet Trailblazer weaving back and forth in the lane.in the early hours of Aug. 11. The officer activated his siren and initiated a traffic stop. Mason made contact with the driver and could smell the moderate odor of alcohol coming from inside the vehicle while speaking with the driver, whose eyes were bloodshot. Mason asked the driver to step out of the vehicle and noted that the driver appeared to wobble while walking and swaying while being spoken to. The officer noticed a strong smell of alcohol on the driver’s breath. The driver was asked to blow into the Alco-sensor and given a field sobriety test. The driver consented to the state breath test, which showed a blood alcohol content of .102. The driver was arrested and taken to Cobb ADC.


Parking Lot Pleasure

The morning of Aug. 12, Officer Blalock spoke with a woman regarding an incident that occurred four days earlier in which the woman said she and a co-worker were returning from lunch at Mellow Mushroom when they observed a man masturbating in a minivan. She described him as a thin, light-skinned black man wearing khaki pants pulled below his waist. He was positioned with the windows rolled down so that he could be seen. He might have had an earring because the woman said the sun kept sparkling off something on his left ear. She said the man appeared to be somewhere between 30 and 40 years old.


Party Poopers

Around midnight on Aug. 13, Officer Dicks was dispatched to University Place regarding a loud party. Police Dispatch advised that the RA was at the room knocking on the door, but the occupants ignored him. When the police arrived the resident opened the door. The RA asked if they could enter the room, and the resident gave them permission to do so. The officer asked if he could look on the terrace, and the resident gave permission. The officer found two large trash bags full of empty beer cans. According to the report, the cans were still cold to the touch. Officer Jordan arrived as backup. The resident was asked if there was any more alcohol in the apartment and said there was not. Upon searching the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets, no alcohol was found. Dicks then asked if they could search his bedroom and the resident gave consent. Jordan found a case of beer with one can missing. At that point, the student admitted to having friends over and drinking beer. The resident was advised that underage consumption was against the law and was taken into custody. Officer Jackson transported the student to Cobb ADC.

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