Must-See Summer Movie Reviews

“The Great Gatsby” Review

Everybody knows the story of Jay Gatsby. We all had to read “The Great Gatsby” in school, and most of us actually liked a book for a change.
When a movie adaptation was announced, everybody was ready to see it. Possibly the most anticipated movie of the summer, “The Great Gatsby” was well worth the wait.

Leonardo DiCaprio perfectly captures the essence of the eccentric and elusive Jay Gatsby. Charming and optimistic, he is a hero you just cannot help but root for. Tobey Maguire makes an amazing and well-deserved comeback as Nick Carraway, Gatsby’s only true friend and the most honest person he knows.

A great cast is not all “The Great Gatsby” has to offer though. The visuals are stunning. Gatsby throws house parties that would make any fraternity house jealous. The music is also very modern, which provides a beautiful contrast to the Roaring ‘20s where the story takes place.

Gatsby is not the only thing that is great about this movie. A strong cast, stunning visuals and great music makes “The Great Gatsby” number one
on the must-see list for the summer.


“Iron Man 3” Review

Iron Man has always been a successful franchise and with good reason. However, this movie is more spectacular than the rest. If you have never been a Tony Stark fan, this movie is bound to change your mind.

“Iron Man 3” offers great new characters. Iron Man’s new archenemy is Aldrich Killian, a man with a twisted vision of the future, whom Tony ignored at a party years ago. Tony’s new partner in crime is Harley, a sassy and smart child who brings out the best in Tony’s character.

What is most enchanting is the love story between Pepper and Tony, particularly playboy Tony’s awkwardness. A giant stuffed rabbit for a Christmas present? Come on now, Tony.

“Iron Man 3” also introduces new specialty suits that Tony created. There are more than a dozen suits with complicated features and their own personalities because, as Tony says, “everybody needs a hobby.” It is quite a sight to see all of them fighting at once.

What makes “Iron Man 3” a must-see is its amazing new characters, charming love story and outstanding action scenes.


“Epic” Review

When you first see the previews, you may become skeptical: Talking leaf people? But do not knock “Epic” before you try it. “Epic” is just as enchanting as everybody’s favorite Pixar films without the Pixar.

“Epic” has an all-star cast, composed of famous names like Beyonce, Steven Tyler, and even Pitbull. Despite this mismatch, it totally works.

What is most captivating is the world of the Leaf People. Beautifully animated and imaginative, you feel as if you are right there with the people. You feel as if you are riding birds and fighting giant rats and jumping through the grass. Seeing “Epic” in 3D is a must for the full experience.

Just like “The Great Gatsby” is great, “Epic” is epic. “Epic” has beautiful animation, excellent voice actors and is lots of fun.

“Epic” is a must-see.

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  1. Sylvia U. Dyer
    June 23, 2013 at 11:01 am

    i can tell you is going to be bad….when it gets too much publicity, is going to be bad. i wont even waste a dime to watch this movie. i have the book.

  2. Deanne R. Kinney
    July 6, 2013 at 6:38 am

    This time around (there have been three other Gatsby movies, including a lost 1926 version) a fresh bookend framing device has Carraway sharing thought waves with Dr. Perkins ( Jack Thompson). Carraway is encouraged to write the story of how he met a mysterious millionaire called Jay Gatsby and what became of their relationship.

  3. Flora C. Ayers
    July 12, 2013 at 6:46 am

    You remember read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous book, right? Part one: Gatsby’s rich and famous. Part two: Wait, maybe he isn’t who he says he is. Part three: drama ensues. This central plot is well captured in the trailer, but it is misleading to a moviegoer who expects an epic, American rags to riches tale like Blow, Goodfellas, or Scarface. Gatsby can’t ever be Tony Montana. Gatsby represents the suspicious attitude of legitimate institutions in a capitalist society; Tony represents the greedy dreams of the downtrodden immigrant American male. And, in case the only thing you know about Scarface is from samples and YouTube clips, I would like to notify you that Scarface is not actually the classic that rappers paint it out to be — in fact, it is quite slow at times.