Summer Lovin’ Had Me A Blast

For the past five months, KSU students have worked hard writing papers, studying for tests, working on projects and completing miscellaneous assignments. Summer is almost here and many KSU students are deciding how to spend their summer.

“I am spending the majority of my summer working and probably taking a few summer classes to stay ahead of my academics,” freshman and English major Rachel Fletcher said.

Flyers can be found around campus with various summer job opportunities for those students who make finding a job a top priority for the summer.

“I am really trying to save money this summer, so when the fall comes I can focus solely on my academics and have little financial worry,” Fletcher said.

Another option that many KSU students are considering is summer school. Summer school provides an opportunity for students to stay ahead as they strive toward graduation day.

“I definitely don’t want to fall behind this summer and will be taking summer classes,” sophomore and Computer Science major Jarod Dickerson said. “Between summer classes I will probably work or take a little vacation, it just depends on how everything is going.”

Some students decided to take the summer semester off and go on vacation. School can be overwhelming at times, so many students take breaks just to relax and clear their minds.

“Besides working, taking a few vacations is the only thing on my mind,” senior and Sports Management major Jamal Parker said. “School was a little stressful this semester with my class load, so I am more than ready to get away from Kennesaw until August.”

Internships are very important for all college students, as they help students gain experience for the career they want to pursue. KSU has sent out dozens of emails, had seminars and career fairs to expose students to internship opportunities.

“This summer I will be doing my first internship,” junior and Finance major Marcus O’Rear said. “I am trying to gain as much experience as I can before I enter my career field, so I had to put working and other things in my life on hold so I can take full advantage of this opportunity.”

A few lucky students are choosing to take their studies and internships abroad.

“I am interning in London this summer for a month,” junior and Exercise Health Science major Ervings Germaine said. “I believe it is very important for me to experience life in another country and this internship will look very impressive on my resume. This will be the ultimate networking opportunity.”

There is still time for students to figure out what they want to do for the summer. There are still a few internship opportunities left and plenty of opportunities for summer employment.

Registration is still open for summer classes as well and the deadline for the final payment for summer classes is June 3.

Good luck to all KSU students on their endeavors this summer.

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