Best of Hiking: Kennesaw Mountain

KSU students chose Kennesaw Mountain as their favorite place to hike when compared with other popular locations such as the Silver Comet Trail and Red Top Mountain in a survey completed on Wednesday.

KSU’s namesake has been considered the best hiking spot for a variety of reasons, including the historical earthworks, natural surroundings and many different multipurpose trails. Also, with Kennesaw Mountain being only a stone’s throw away from campus, it’s no surprise this hiking spot towered above the competition.

Alongside hiking, Kennesaw Mountain offers former battlefields at the head of most trails for visitors looking to picnic or relax. It truly is a perfect place for anyone wanting a nearby outdoor adventure or just a little quiet time.

With warm weather quickly approaching, the trees on the trails provide ample shade, making a hike all the more refreshing.

Site of Civil War battles in 1864, Kennesaw Mountain is regarded as a park with great historic value. A museum and visitor center devoted to the battle sits at the mountain’s base, providing a history lesson through diagrams and Civil War memorabilia.

Amenities, such as restrooms and water fountains, are accessible at the visitor center.

The trails provide an excellent outlet for students looking to get in shape. Runners, joggers, walkers and even horseback riders are all welcome on the trails. There is a portion of the mountain that allows visitors to hop in a van and ride to the top.

Exercise health science major Amandi Cooper frequents Kennesaw Mountain, and enjoys the trails leading to the top of the mountain as well as the paved road for the vans. “I like running both but prefer the road. The trail is just a little too steep for me,” Cooper said.

Several benches are conveniently placed on the way up the main trail, providing both comfort and a scenic view of the area below.

And speaking of scenery, the view from the top of Kennesaw Mountain is one feature no other trail in Georgia can offer nature enthusiasts. A reward for having reached the top, visitors can indulge in a view of the surrounding landscape, provided with maps of the area and notes on the battle that took place at the summit.

Civil War-era cannons are still mounted at the top, a reminder of the grim battle that took place on the slopes below.

For this reason, Communication major Zach Clark chooses Kennesaw Mountain as his preferred place of hiking. “It’s very peaceful and has a nice view,” he said. “Plus, it’s close and convenient, so you don’t have to drive very far to see it.”

The experience offered for hikers at Kennesaw Mountain is unparalleled this side of the Appalachians, with open fields, plenty of shade and a breathtaking view.

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