Herman Cain Presents Live Radio Broadcast from KSU

Herman Cain broadcasted his WSB talk radio show live from KSU on Friday, March 29 in the Social Science Building, where an auditorium full of faculty, staff, students and guests welcomed him with warm rounds of applause and many cheers.

During the show, the former Republican presidential candidate delivered important information about several different matters of contention in small segments he famously calls “News Nuggets.”

These nuggets touched base on issues of taxation, gun control, texting while driving, small businesses, Obamacare and many more. Cain frequently opened the floor for audience members to ask questions on the air throughout the duration of the broadcast.

“The Herman Cain Show” airs five days a week from 9:00 a.m. to noon on 120 radio stations across the country. During these three hours, Cain addresses many harboring political issues and answers questions from many of his listeners that call in to the show.

Cain seemed extremely comfortable in the live broadcast setting, often laughing with audience members and occasionally dancing in his chair to the music on the show. He posed for many pictures on his commercial breaks and autographed copies of his books.

“It’s very energizing,” Cain said. “Most of my speaking throughout my career was in front of a live audience. So, where some radio hosts may not like it, I love it because I love the audience interaction.”

Cain’s sense of humor made its way into the broadcast when he became heated over a comment one of his callers made about former President George W. Bush. After a short rant on the air, Cain simply laughed and said, “Y’all have to excuse me, I’ll take my medication now.”

Cain ended the broadcast by answering a few last minute questions and taking pictures with the last line of fans.

“I thoroughly enjoyed being with you today,” Cain said to the audience at the closing of the show. “Many of you all came through with this whole three hours with us today, and I’m very appreciative. I learned something, and hopefully you did too.”

To learn more information about “The Herman Cain Show,” visit www.caintv.com or tune into 95.5FM and AM750 News/ Talk WSB from 9:00 a.m. to noon, Monday – Friday.

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