Launching of New Website Marks Another Step for Upcoming Football Program

More news regarding the KSU football program has surfaced. KSU Athletics announced the launch of on March 3. The website will be the primary source of detailed information regarding the recently introduced football program.

“We are extremely excited to launch the micro-site,” Padraic McMeel, associate athletics director for external operations, said. “This site is intended to provide fans and members of the Kennesaw State University community with in-depth news and information regarding football, the Priority Points System and Priority Seating program, the process for purchasing tickets, and a calendar of events pertaining to football.”

The site introduces a number of new systems regarding the culmination of football tickets. The seating plan’s primary focus is making sure that there is an equal distribution of seating in Fifth Third Bank Stadium, where the inaugural season will be held in the fall of 2015. KSU has instituted a new Priority Points System and Priority Seating program that was developed by The Owls Fund.

The idea behind the policy is to award frequent and devoted supporters of KSU Athletics while allowing room for new supporters. The system allows for the opportunity to acquire appropriate seating in regards to how much they contribute to The Owl Fund. While the process of acquiring tickets may seem daunting, the development of the site will allow for fans to easily purchase tickets through a simple 6-step process that has been outlined on the site.

The first step requires the desired ticket holder to complete a Letter of Intent ticket request form. You can also get involved to build priority points, which the site describes the number of ways in which one might go about building points. You can track your seats and even build on them by earning more priority points. You then confirm the tickets you have requested and make an Owls Fund donation. An appointment will be made after you have mailed your seat selection. The seats will be selected in early 2015.

Besides detailed ticket information, the site will also contain history, updates and news regarding everything KSU football. The site also provides a list of other events that occur at Fifth Third Bank Stadium, in hopes of uniting KSU Athletics and gaining more support.

The site will also be a starting point for fans to access KSU football merchandise. This will allow for fans to show their team spirit and develop a sense of pride and unity that the students of the school have been searching for.

The hiring of a head coach became an immediate priority after the announcement that the school would be developing a football program. The site will provide information regarding the highly anticipated decision as to who the first head coach will be. The website will keep fans up to date, as well as provide them with the opportunity to support the team they have been dreaming of for over a decade.

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