Women’s Basketball Lose Physical Game Against Lipscomb

On Saturday, the KSU women’s basketball team hosted one of the most physical games they have competed in all year.

The Owls managed to take control early as Ashley Holiday hit an early 3-point shot from outside the free throw line. Chelsea Mason found a hole underneath the post and was able to drive down the key. Mason put up an additional two points for the Owls with a layup.

Lipscomb’s first shot was a jump shot that bounced off the rim. The Owls capitalized on the missed opportunity, and Mason repeated her success on the glass. KSU jumped out to an early 7-0 lead.

Lipscomb bounced back. Hannah Phillips hit a layup and Kelli Smith swiftly hit a 3-point jump shot. KSU’s lead decreased to only one point. The first half was ultimately overshadowed by foul shots and missed opportunities.

Lipscomb struggled against KSU’s ability to keep the floor spread, but managed to comeback and find a lead.

With approximately three minutes left in the first half, the score was 23-27 in Bison’s favor. As the Bison’s offense drove towards the basket, players collided with Sametria Gideon. With immense impact she hit the court on her side. Gideon clutched her ankle and rolled to her back while her face filled with lingering twisted expressions of sharp pain. Gideon was lifted up and moved to the side of the court where she was looked at by a trainer.

The game was quiet in the first half until the last three minutes. Back and forth, the teams scored on each other.

Nicole Adams shot a two pointer from the key. Following the Owl score, the Bison added another two points to their side of the scoreboard. Kelli Smith was fouled and successfully made two free throws on the line. The physical first half ended with a score of 30-31 still in favor of Lipscomb.

Gideon was able to return to the game after the half, and the second half consisted of solid defensive performances from both teams. Lipscomb had a total of 33 rebounds, 3 blocks and 3 steals. KSU had 32 rebounds, 6 blocks and 5 steals. Lipscomb was 20-45 in field goals and KSU was 16-47.

“We shot well the first half and the second half played well defensively, but you are not going to win games down the stretch playing half and half,” said KSU head coach Nitra Perry.

The entire second half, the teams were consistently similar in every statistic. The Bison managed to gain a lead 51-53 with 38 seconds left on the clock.

A chance to tie the game fell in the Owl’s hands. Gideon was fouled on KSU’s side of the court and intentionally missed her second in hopes of her team returning a rebound and sending the game into overtime. The ball bounced off of the glass like Gideon planned but was retrieved by Lipscomb.

The Bison withheld the ball and drained the life out of the clock. The game ended with a final score of 53-55, claiming the Bison victory.

“We have to take it one game at a time, and solidify the birth one game at a time. Senior night is going to be a big night for Ashley and Senitra. I look forward to them trying to get the win for our team,” Perry said.

KSU looks to redeem themselves on Monday against Northern Kentucky.

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