Police Beat

Backup Called For

Officer Putnam called for backup on the afternoon of Feb. 12 due to a strong odor of marijuana coming from a car pulled over on Big Shanty Rd. near the Lofts. Putnam initially pulled the car over because the front- seat passenger was not seen wearing a seat belt. Both young men were acting nervously and breathing heavily, according to Putnam, raising suspicion that they were in possession of drugs. While waiting for backup, Putnam asked the two young men about the strong odor of marijuana, and the driver reached under the front passenger seat, grabbing some crumbs of marijuana off the floor. When backup arrived, the odor, perceived to be coming from the glove box, lead officers to a clear jar glass of marijuana inside. While the investigation was in progress, dispatch informed Putnam that the driver had a suspended license. Officers arrested the driver for possession of marijuana and driving with a suspended license and released the passenger at the scene on foot.


Burning Rubber

An officer noticed a suspicious odor on the fifth level of the Central Parking Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 11:40 a.m. Officer Blalock described the odor as burning brake or power steering fluid. A blue Honda Accord was located with smoking from underneath the hood. Dispatch located and contacted the owner of the car to inform him of the situation. The owner stated that the vehicle had a power steering fluid that was leaking onto the engine, causing the smoke. The officer informed the driver to have the problem fixed, citing that it was a potential fire hazard.


Wanted Person Found

On Sunday, Feb. 17, a blue truck was spotted with a busted taillight and a broken brake light on Busbee Pkwy. near Big Shanty Rd. The driver’s tag also appeared to be expired. When the vehicle stopped for an officer, the driver provided her driver’s license, while her two passengers gave their names and dates of birth. One of the passengers clearly showed signs of nervousness and refused to make eye contact with the officer. The officer checked all three persons in the car through dispatch and learned that the nervous passenger had an outstanding warrant in Cherokee County. After arresting the wanted passenger, the officer issued a citation to the driver for an expired tag and verbally issued a warning for her broken brake light and taillight. The arrested passenger was brought to Cherokee County jail later that day.

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