KSU Graduate “Fulfills” Dreams

In December 2011, Brett Frank graduated from KSU with a degree in Drawing and Painting. Today, he is the bassist and provider of the clean vocals to “The Fulfillment,” a Christian post-hardcore band located in Denver.

The band expects to sign with Sumerian Records at the beginning of March. The band consists of four other members: Nathan Johnson, lead vocals and keys, Tregg Frank, lead guitarist, Cooper Pecot, rhythm guitarist and Griffith Johnson, drummer.

Frank’s journey as a bassist goes back to his days learning to play the bass in middle school. His musical influences include “HIM,”“I am Ghost,” “The Color Morale,”“Of Mice and Men” and local Atlanta band, “Issues.”

His art professors encouraged him to reach for his goals regardless of whether it dealt with visual art or music, and their advice remained with him. While at KSU he was also a writer for The Sentinel and Talon Magazine.

Frank and his younger brother, Tregg Frank formed “The Fulfillment.” For several years the brothers had the desire to start a band. Metal- core artist, The Color Morale, inspired the name of the band. The lead singer of The Color Morale told Frank that he needs to pursue his dreams, thus “The Fulfillment” became a fulfillment.

Frank stated that one should expect “A crazy show” before attending one of their concert performances. Mosh pits are prevalent and the energy is high. They put on more than a show; they organize wild parties.

Frank wants his band to stand out by being unique, and claims that they put a new experience on the genre by adding classical sounds to their music. There are many ways Frank likes to get inspired, but he really enjoys going outside while experiencing the world around him.

When driving, Frank prefers to listen to his own music instead of the work of others. Whenever he sees a painting he hears music and whenever he hears music he visualizes art. This is because of his experience at KSU in regards to his drawing and painting courses.

Marcus Matkins, junior management major stated, “I respect them as artists but they don’t bring anything new to the table,” after listening to one of their songs, “Double Duke.”

He acknowledged the band’s good songwriting skills. Matkins is a fan of the Post Hardcore genre.

The band released an EP titled, Origin. It consists of five songs and can be purchased on their Facebook page. They plan to visit Atlanta for a concert performance in the near future.

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  1. Tregg of the Fulfillment
    February 27, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    We do not expect to be signed to Sumerian Records… we are playing a battle of the bands with a chance to get signed…

    And the name isn’t directly from The Color Morale.

    “His art professors encouraged him to reach for his goals regardless of whether it dealt with visual art or music, and their advice remained with him. ”

    Just lol.

    Anyway, thanks.

  2. Rod Frank
    February 27, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    This article is horribly written with tons of mistakes. From the members listing, where Brett’s name is listed twice and his brothers name is devoid of listing, to the numerous inaccuracies of factual data such as where the name “The Fulfillment” came from. As the Father to two of the members and, having listened to other bands in this genre, I can swear that The Fulfillment’s music is totally different then most of the other moronic bands and individuals that partake not just of this genre but of any musical genre in this day and age of no talent “stars”. What kind of a school writes an article about a graduate that is pursuing his dream and then levies a negative sophomorically written criticism? Obviously a third rate school that doesn’t respect its graduates.