Police Beat

Police Beat is compiled weekly from Kennesaw State University’s Safe and Sound Police public records. Names are removed for privacy. 


I Knew You Were Trouble

On Monday, February 11th, a female student reported to KSU Public Safety that she was being harassed by her ex-boyfriend (a non-student). She said that he had been receiving information about her from two female KSU students. She confirmed he was sending her text messages disclosing that he has a secret military clearance and has access to all her private information.

The victim told an officer that he has not threatened her, but she still felt that her ex-boyfriend could be dangerous. The officer contacted the victim’s former significant other and advised him not to call the female student and discontinue bragging about his military clearance. The officer also advised the victim to discontinue contacting the harasser.


Greek Thief

Two fraternity members reported stolen property on Thursday night, February 7th. One of the fraternity members stated that earlier in the evening, after he and his frat brothers left a tail-gate party, he parked his truck on the fourth level of the East Parking Deck. He left three Greek letters in the trunk of the truck, under a tent. At 9 p.m., he returned and discovered the letters were gone. The two fraternity members stated that competitive members of another fraternity might be to blame for the theft. The letters, which represent the Greek organization, are six feet tall, wooden, and red with gold trim.

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