Transfer Student Survival Guide – Key to a Fresh Start

Transferring can be scary for any student. KSU is constantly growing and changing which makes almost every student a transfer student starting out each semester.

With the hassle of finding a new place to live, the cheapest place to rent books and who to go to for help, transferring can be a nightmare.

KSU prides itself on an extremely diverse group of students and professors which can lead to many new challenges. Gainesville State College transfer, Danny Alzate commented on the topic.

“Come in with an open mind because Kennesaw is extremely diverse” Alzate said.

This is true, some classes you will find yourself in need of a translator to understand some professors. While it can be a beneficial learning experience, it can be an unwanted challenge for some KSU students.

The biggest challenge for transfer students can come when figuring out which course will be transferred and which will be left as “free electives.”

Advisors are available for consultations to help each transferring student.

Not knowing where the advisors are located can lead to another challenge; therefore, knowing who to go to for simple questions, like this, is essential. Dalton State College transfer, Justin Rogers had something to say.

“Transferring to Kennesaw means driving an hour to talk to some under-qualified girl with a bad attitude that will look up from their Twilight novel to tell you ‘It’s on the website!’ when the link you need may only work on KSU’s server. This will happen at least twice before you can transfer” Justin Rogers said.

Transferring can be a nightmare for many. Transfer orientations are set up to help inform incoming students of simple questions and procedures like how to register for classes, where computer labs are located and where to go to for help.

The biggest key to having a smooth transition between different universities is having a good, reliable, contact at your previous school. Getting all the necessary credits and immunization forms can be more complicated than necessary if you cannot get into contact with your previous school.

Many times, transferring schools means losing the ability to ask your friend where to go for financial aid help. Getting connected to the school by the means of working on campus or student clubs can simplify such questions.

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