Raise Hell One Article at a Time

For those who have turned to this section seeking the fair-haired previous opinion editor, I am sorry to tell you she has moved on to greener pastures. I wish her the best in her endeavors, but I am here to bring change. Long-time readers may remember me as the opinion editor from Spring 2012. Our EIC has allowed me to return to The Sentinel and I plan to make my last semester as a KSU student count. Gone are the pieces about umbrella etiquette or high- five scenarios. I want to see people informed and impassioned by what they read in this section.

Chicago Times owner Wilbur Storey in the 1860s once said, “It’s a newspaper’s duty to print the news and raise hell.”

The Sentinel already has a fine news section that covers campus better than ever. Now it is the opinion section’s turn. I want to publish the articles you need to know about. Professional newspapers are tasked with keeping a watchful eye on our world to route our corruption. The Sentinel is no different. You pay fees and tuition to this school and it is your right to know how those fees are being used.

Writing about how money is spent is not an easy task and it is a great way to make enemies. My section won’t back down. In the following weeks you will see The Sentinel publish stories that may upset other students, faculty or staff, but it will not be because of a satirical article about yoga pants; it will because the articles are telling it to you straight.

Groups that have access to student fees for their use will  be under scrutiny. I believe it is the responsibility of The Sentinel to ensure that any form of misuse, either accidental or intentional, be brought to light. This includes RSOs, line-item groups and even departments. We will not be attacking individuals or groups; that is ‘gotcha journalism’ and is disgraceful. That being said, we will follow the story no matter where it goes or whose feathers get ruffled.

I promise to follow any lead I hear or that you email me. If you think your money is not being put to the best use, please email me at opinioneditor@ksusentinel. com with any tips or hints you hear. If you feel that an article was unjust in its coverage of an event or organization, feel free to write a letter to the editor for us to publish.

Now let us go and raise hell one article at a time.

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