New Years Resolutions – A Revolution of Resolutions

By the end of every year, it is natural to want to change things. With the beginning of a new year it seems like a perfect time to start new trends.

One of the most popular trends is to spend more time with friends and family. If you are stuck on what to make as a New Year’s resolution, a few KSU students have shared their inspiring resolutions.

“My New Year’s resolution is to pray more this year. Whenever I become stressed, I often forget to pray for help,” Junior Communication major Andres Diazgranados said. “However, it can lead me in the right path. So I chose to lean to this resolution to help me for 2013.”

While the religious route may not be for you, another popular resolution is weight loss. While you would not tell by looking at Junior International Business and Spanish major Brandon Comer, this KSU student has lost 103 pounds so far and has set his goal to continue the weight loss in 2013.

“My resolution is to get in shape and work on my relationships with others,” Comer said. “I saw things I could improve in my personal life that would have a positive effect on myself and others.”

With losing weight a common resolution for this time of year, gyms are offering free memberships. As Comer also mentioned, working on relationships is also a popular resolution.

While we are busy with class, work and extra-curricular activities, time spent with others can often be pushed aside. It is when we are losing our minds and having a break down that we realize how important those relationships can be.

Being busy is great when it is toward a common goal, but Junior Communication KatyBeth Trotter has found it hard to be on time while balancing school and work.

“My New Year’s resolution is to be on time,” she said. “I am chronically late to everywhere I go.”

Other popular New Year’s resolutions are helping others more, getting organized and quitting smoking or drinking. Among all these resolutions, the main goal is the same: self-improvement.

When making a resolution, it is important to make a list of how you plan to achieve the goal. There is no point in making a resolution if you have no plan for how to achieve it.

As the New Year and new semester start, how will you improve yourself?

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