Surviving a term as a college newspaper Editor-in-Chief isn’t easy.

The Sentinel staff could identify a number of defining moments from my first term as editor-in-chief that would probably embarrass me to no end. From learning how to manage stress to hysterically crying in my office, I feel like I’ve seen it all and have come back for more.

I have compiled a staff that I am confident will continue the tradition of a Sentinel that reports on information that matters. We are growing and expanding, just like KSU.

We are working toward a bigger social media presence. We would like to establish blogs for each section to provide timely updates. We are also working on building our KSUSentinelTV YouTube channel to showcase events around campus.

Most important, we are working weekly to bring you a paper that you can all enjoy.

I could tell you how hard we all work and how much time and effort goes into making the paper each Monday, but you could probably guess that.

The Sentinel puts in the effort because we truly care about the KSU community, but we need your help to do so.

The Sentinel needs you to send in tips about stories, responses to articles and applications to become a part of our staff. We grow and evolve because of the input we get from our readers. If you take the time to give us your thoughts, we are more likely to understand what you want from our publication and can  make changes to better reflect that understanding.

Our purpose at The Sentinel is to provide the KSU campus with hard-hitting information in our news, informed views in our opinion, stories of accomplishments and human interest in our features and up- to-date coverage in our sports.

If you are interested in getting involved, go to and fill out an application. We are always looking for dedicated writers, photographers and copy editors.

If you have any questions or concerns or just want more information about The Sentinel, feel free to email any of the section editors or me. Our email addresses at The Sentinel are simply the section name followed by the word editor before the standard @ For example, to email the opinion editor you would email opinioneditor@

If you would like to contact me, my email address is eic@

If you prefer face-to-face conversations, we are one door past the Student Life office in the Student Center, Room 277, probably where all of the noise is coming from. Stop in, say hi and meet your Sentinel staff, but don’t be scared if you find someone in tears, someone wearing a costume and someone with a Nerf gun in hand. That’s how we make it through the day.

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