Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Coffee is ingrained in our society. Many start the day with a cup of espresso, chug some joe after their lunch, have some decaf during the afternoon, sip on a latte for dinner and finish off the day with a simple cup of coffee. According to www.e-importz. com, “Americans consume about 400 million cups of coffee per day making the United States the leading consumer of coffee in the world.”

Most coffee addicts brew their own coffee at home, but because of such an overwhelming demand for coffee in today’s culture; there are shops strictly dedicated to selling overpriced java. Even in this economy, avid coffee drinkers spend almost $1,100 yearly on the hot beverage. According to the Consumerist cities data, “the average worker in the U.S. currently spends $20 a week on coffee.”

In the Kennesaw area there are several places that serve coffee. From the international Starbucks Corporation to the local Cool Beans Coffee Roasters, it is not a challenge to find a coffee house.

If you haven’t been under a rock the last couple of years, then you probably have realized the abundance of coffee corporations. Starbucks and Caribou Coffee can be found all over. In fact, in the Town Center Mall area, there are a total of four Starbucks.

Starbucks and other large coffee-oriented companies understand how important a hot cup of brew is to the average American. The Starbucks drinker chooses them for one popular reason:  convenience. With approximately 172,000 Starbucks around the world, there should never be a fear of a lack of the recognizable brand. According to, coffee shops have an annual growth rate of 7%. They are the fastest growing area in the restaurant industry. The coffee industry has never been stronger and Starbucks was quite attentive to notice the need back in 1971 when the company was founded in Seattle.

Local shops are harder to find because they are usually lower key. Coffee drinker and Virginia native, Shawn Crawford states, “I prefer small places. Smaller businesses have more of a homey feel.” Located on the Marietta Square, Cool Beans Coffee Roasters is a local favorite. The independently owned shop roasts the coffee in house; something that is unique to local independent shops. Today there are numerous local coffee houses spread throughout the Atlanta area that have their own unique qualities. Trying locally brewed coffee is an experience avid coffee drinkers should participate in. It gives the drinker a taste of the town and familiarizes them with the new and small, personal coffee shops around town.

Coffee has become a drink for all times. It has been meticulously marketed to the crowds influencing daily beverage decisions. Since it’s been so well integrated in our society, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are drinking some coffee as you finish this article, but make sure you go out and support our local coffee shops and get some close-knit coffee experience.

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